Fjordsen Beyond X Large Black-Grey 3-4 persons


Discover the new Fjordsen Beyond X Large roof tent: Cool, comfortable, and lightweight! Enjoy the amazing view and experience the freedom of traveling on your own terms.




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Fjordsen rooftop tents: Join the happy side of camping!

The Fjordsen Beyond X Large is the most spacious rooftop tent on the market! The Beyond X Large offers a lot of space and is made of highest quality materials. All materials are strong, light and durable. The unique Fjordsen platform (used in every Fjordsen rooftop tent) is made of EPP-panels and strong, lightweight aluminium profiles. Due to its low weight, the Fjordsen Beyond X can be mounted on almost any car, even on a Volkswagen Up!

The Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent is:

Cooler inside
The Beyond X Large rooftop tent is made of special KeepCool material. Due to this technology, less light enters the rooftop tent, so that you can sleep in a cooler and darker space. Therefore, the temperature in the rooftop tent is lower.

Largest rooftop tent on the market
With more than 6 m³ of space, the Beyond X Large rooftop tent is the largest one available on the market. Thanks to its smart pop-up construction, the space can be used in an optimum manner. In addition, the Beyond X Large is also higher (140 cm) than other models.

As light as a feather, for any car
Due to the smart construction and the use of lightweight materials, the Fjordsen Beyond X rooftop tent has a relatively low weight. Therefore, the Fjordsen Beyond X Large rooftop tent can be mounted on almost any car. Even on a Volkswagen Up!


  • Open: 220 cm x 220 cm x 140 cm
  • Closed: 110 cm x 220 cm x 35 cm
  • Space: Enough space for 3–4 persons
  • Canvas material: 210D Oxford polyester PU3000 mm
  • Pop-up tent hinge material: PA6 +30 % GF (70 % polyamide 6+30 % glass fibre)
  • Pop-up tent pole material: Fibreglass reinforced plastic 9,5 mm in diameter.
  • Coating: Silicone-coated exterior, Anti-UV 50
  • Hydrostatic head: 3500 mm H20
  • Colours: Black-Gray
  • Set up: within 2 minutes
  • Windows: 8 large windows with insect screen
  • Floor: comfortable floor made of EPP-panels and strong, lightweight aluminium profiles
  • Weight: 54 kg (complete rooftop tent)
  • Mattress size: maximum size 220 cm x 205 cm, 5 to 7 cm thick

Included with the Fjordsen Beyond X Large:

  • Tent canvas including pop-up system
  • Tent platform
  • Waterproof protective cover
  • Telescopic aluminium ladder (200 cm)
  • Installation kit for mounting on roof racks
  • Manual

Why choose the Fjordsen Beyond X Large?

  • High-quality materials, light and durable
  • Huge amount of space
  • Folds out in 2 minutes
  • Features 4 large, lockable windows with insect screen; 360 degree view
  • Fits any car
  • In stock – fast delivery
  • 30 days return guarantee


Can my car take the weight?
The maximum roof load specified by car manufacturers is based on the roof load while driving. When the car is stationary, a roof rack can carry about 4 to 5 times as much weight. Therefore, the Fjordsen rooftop tent fits practically any car. You can use the Fjordsen car checker to quickly check if your car is suitable.

Does condensation build up in the rooftop tent?
All Fjordsen rooftop tents are made of waterproof materials. In very humid conditions, however, condensation can hardly be prevented. Therefore, ventilation is most important. The tent can be opened on all four sides, to keep condensation as low as possible.

How is the Fjordsen rooftop tent shipped to my address?
We pay considerable attention and take great care to ensure the rooftop tent is transported safely to your delivery address. All parts are packed very sturdily and carefully and shipped using reliable carriers. A Fjordsen Beyond X rooftop tent is shipped in 4 separate boxes.

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  • ALTEZZA (in cm) 140 cm
  • LUNGHEZZA (in cm) 220cm
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